Arsenic Removal Through Simple Filtration

Advantages of Simple Filtration over other Technologies:
  • Up to 95% removal of total arsenic through a simple, single-stage filtration process alone.
  • Simple control requirements, can be fully automated for minimal operator intervention.
  • No need for expensive, and complicated membrane systems.
  • Efficient operation, minimal waste product with no need for neutralization.
  • No need for expensive, consumable ion exchange resins or regeneration equipment.
  • No need for redundant pretreatment processes.
  • No handling of dangerous chemicals.
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PFOS/PFAS Treatment Systems

Two of the currently acceptable technologies for PFOS/PFAS treatment in ground water are either GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) or Selective Ion Exchange resin which are incorporated into a pressure vessel system design.

Hungerford & Terry has the ability to produce custom engineered systems complete with PLC controls and all necessary ancillary equipment to treat ground water sources containing PFOS/PFAS.

Hungerford & Terry can supply either GAC or Selective Ion Exchange technology depending on the water quality and competing constituents in the raw water.

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Backwash Reclaim for Water Conservation

Earth’s most precious resource — water — has long been taken for granted as being unlimited. As populations are expanding into areas where water is scarce, the need to conserve water is becoming paramount.

Backwash Reclaim systems can easily recycle 95% of the amount of water required to backwash a media filter.

A economical and low maintenance reclaim system allows water that has already been treated to be returned to the influent lines in a filtration system rather than dumping to sewer or settling basin.

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Air Scour Media Cleaning System

In many water treatment applications around the world there are water quality characteristics that create challenging operational conditions. In many of these cases simple backwashing with water is not sufficient to remove captured particulate from the media bed and additional steps are required. In these cases the introduction of air during the backwash cycle can be the solution.

In most cases with water treatment, the decision to include air in conjunction with the water backwash cycle is related to the raw water quality conditions. These conditions determine the loading rate of particulate captured in the filter media and subsequently how often the backwash cycle is required.

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