Hungerford & Terry, Inc. More than 100 years of water treatment success.

A private, employee-owned company, Hungerford & Terry has a vested interest in our customers and ensuring their satisfaction with our products, services and systems. Working together, we analyze the problem, design the solution, build the equipment and provide continuing consultative support for years of reliable and economical service. From our first basic water purification system, built in 1909 to today’s electronically advanced equipment, customers depend on every system we design, build and sell. Customer Service, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and our Laboratory — all departments working together to resolve and fulfill requirements. H&T sales representatives have years of experience in developing effective solutions for a multitude of water-treatment problems. Many of our engineer and laboratory personnel have extensive education and possess advanced degrees.This combined with hands-on experience before the sale, during process development and right up to the installation and follow up, help to ensure years of trouble-free performance. To provide clients with proper ongoing maintenance and the ability to upgrade their system is essential. Right from the very start, H&T maintains extensive project files on all customer equipment. Contact us today – we stand ready to help.