New Hungerford & Terry “Plug & Play” GreensandPlusTM Systems can provide low-cost, pre-engineered solutions to handle a wide range of water filtration applications… when and where you need them

Here’s why:

Low cost because it’s already pre-engineered with all the right stuff – all the value is in the components with no associated engineering cost typical of “Plans and Specs” Systems
Designed to handle flows from 14 to 2808 gpm, “Plug & Play” Water Filtration Systems are available with one to three tanks, in diameters from 36 ̋ to 120 ̋ in 6 ̋ increments, complete with piping, valves, actuators, instruments, and controls – all mounted on a rugged, durable, skid-mounted frame. Simply set in place wherever filtration is needed, hook up water and electrical connections, load & condition media, and the system is operational for: Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide, Arsenic, and Radium Removal.

A highly versatile design to accommodate a variety of treatment and flow rate demands

H&T “Plug & Play” Water Filtration Systems feature a versatile “Daisy-Chain” design that allows for coupling one to three vessels.
Common “straight-through” headers with magnetic bi- directional flowmeters allow simple and easy connections for raw water, treated water, and waste water.