Ion Exchange Counter Current Regeneration

Ion exchange replaces (or exchanges) unwanted minerals in water with less objectionable ones. Chloride and hydroxide ions are the most commonly used materials on the resin beads. As water passes through the device, the resin adsorbs anions such as sulfate, nitrate, arsenic and bicarbonates and releases chloride into the water. The exchange occurs in a pressure vessel (or tank) that is filled with the resin. When the capacity of the resin is exhausted, it is regenerated with a salt solution to restore its capacity to remove unwanted minerals again.

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Potassium Permanganate Color Monitor Plus

The Hungerford & Terry Permanganate Color Monitor Plus provides for the continuous monitoring of water treatment plant effluents that use potassium permanganate in the treatment system, such as the H&T GreensandPlus™ CR (continuous regeneration) process.

The color monitor continuously views a sample taken as a sidestream from the plant or filter effluent. Spectroscopic quality optical filters in the sight tube then identify, if present, the specific color for potassium permanganate.

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“Self-Cleaning” Sand Valve Underdrain Nozzles

The “Self-Cleaning” Sand Valve underdrain nozzles from H&T feature patented free-floating splines around the periphery of each nozzle device. The free-floating splines which are constructed of durable Monel steel float freely between a guided path defined within the corner blocks in a manner similar to that of a sliding door through tracks.

This free movement is unlike the perforated or slotted openings found in any conventional nozzles that are subject to deposit buildup in the fixed openings and eventually clog due to the inherent design limitation.

The Monel splines of the H&T Sand Valve move freely as the water changes direction and the velocity between the filtration mode and backwash mode.

This movement serves to break up any calcification that would normally build up on any fixed opening. The H&T Sand Valves effectively clean themselves through this flexible motion for worry free performance.

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