Ion-Exchange Demineralizers – to achieve reduced levels of contamination

H&T demineralizer systems utilize ion exchange technology in a number of configurations to provide high-purity water for a number of industrial and power utility applications. H&T offers typical two-bed, cation/anion systems, with or without degasification, depending on alkalinity, or two-bed systems with mixed-bed polishers. There are many variations available to improve efficiency depending on specific requirements, including weak-acid and weak-base units with thoroughfare regeneration. Demineralizer systems with packed bed and layered-bed technology are also available. With the selection of the appropriate technology and the right combination of ion exchange resins, an efficient, cost-effective, custom ion-exchange system can be designed to meet any requirements.
An ion-exchange system skid-mounted and assembled in our shop ready for shipment.
Un sistema de intercambio de iones montado sobre patines y ensamblado en nuestro taller, listo para su envío.