100 Years and Growing



  • The most modern filtration plant ever completed at that time –“A guaranteed quantity of excellent water.” – Churchill Hungerford, New Haven, CT. After that job for water filtration, this became his way of life.
  • Our sales and technical platform was originally based on sand valves. The United Water Improvement Company patented sand valves. This too become a Hungerford’s platform for success. Hungerford joined Terry, to create Hungerford & Terry, Inc. Philadelphia, PA.


  • Formal incorporation of Hungerford & Terry in the state of Delaware.
  • WWI – USA declares war on Germany (July 29, 1914).
  • Hungerford & Terry moves to Clayton, New Jersey in a renovated building that cost $3000 to buy (and today still stands as corporate headquarters).
  • Major company reorganization to include all employees, setting a standard of employee ownership that is still in place today. H&T business diversifies into textiles, laundry industries, water softening/filtration, rinsing and dyeing activities.
  • Stock Market Crash – Even during the Great Depression, H&T continues to work.


  • WWII: Pearl Harbor–H&T supplies the government with water conditioning equipment.
    The US Navy needed removal of oil from condensated water spilled overboard H&T resolves the problem.
    The US Army wanted filter plants because of insects in the South Pacific they were all manufactured in metal.
  • A revolutionary plastic the Zeolite filter, could trap 10,000-12,000 grains per cubic feet – excellent results for a new product.


  • Global activities to serve atomic energy and fossil fuel, electrical utility plants with water purification systems that were required.
  • Standard airwash systems installed in Ferrosand units to provide exchange/retention of iron by regenerating potassium permanganate.
  • Continuous regeneration of manganese greensand now possible by utilizing potassium permanganate in the process.


  • Emphasis on the ionization from rivers to boilers-demineralization grows, along with complete pre-treatment activities for industries and municipalities.
  • Nuclear power plant purification systems expanded in North America and in other parts of the world.


  • Improved state-of-the-art custom-built treatment systems have advanced electronics and CAD/CAM as required.
Hungerford & Terry Founder

H&T Founder — Churchill Hungerford (circa 1909).

Headquarters Office

1918 – H&T headquarters, Clayton, New Jersey. It still stands today as the corporate headquarters.

Hungerford & Terry Employees

1935 – H&T Sales Representatives meet as H&T headquarters.

nuclear energy

1960's – 1980's – Water purification expands for nuclear power.

Sand Valve

Current example includes – Proprietary sand valve engineered with vibrating Monel splines – impossible to clog or plug.

Ion System

An ion-exchange system skid-mounted and assembled in our shop ready for shipment.